Sunday, July 3, 2022

Google algorithm update


Google Algorithm 


Google's algorithm is a complex system used to recover data from its search index and immediately deliver the best possible results for an examination.    

 Google algorithm update

1.PandaUpdate:Thepanda update was announced in February 2011This update by Google aimed to produce better high-quality results with relevant content that the search engine user desires. panda doesn't like duplicate content which means no plagiarism and doesn't bother with keyword stuffing.


2.Penguin update: Google panda has evolved into Google penguin to target site spam and over-optimized page. the main motivation has been to limit and discourage the unethical use of inbound and outward links.

3.Hummingbird Update: Google wants to understand user doubt and therefore be able to return better and more useful results.
hummingbird- update

4.Mobile Update: make sure when you're searching from a mobile phone the search result will be mobile-friendly
mobile -update

5.Rank Brain Update: is Google's name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system used to help process its search results.

6.Medic UpdateYour money Your life (YMYL)          
7.PigeonUpdateThe main goal is to provide useful relevant and fast inquiry results to web users looking for the local search results.

8.Bert Update: This update is designed to better understand the local language.
bert- update

9.Parked Domain:Domain parking means basically have you seen those you sometimes you click on the side you go to a URL you mistype it and there's nothing.


10.Exact Match Domain update:The exact match domain update is a new filter aimed at making sure that low-quality websites do not achieve a high page rank and get up high in google search engine result page. 

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